Potato Harvest


I started seed potatoes in the early spring.  I cut them and calloused the ends as directed. The vines grew beautifully and once they died, I quit watering the container and let them sit a couple of weeks.  Tonight was the big night – the potato harvest!  I called out my entire family to witness the event.  I think it is important for your kids to see where their food comes from, and had already planned out some yummy potato recipes.  I pulled out the container and dumped it in the wheelbarrow:

The Bounty of Dirt Seeds


Do you see what I see?  Dirt.  Soaking wet dirt.  And no potatoes.  Apparently the container WAS being watered by someone other than myself.  My 10-year-old daughter apologized – but I said it was no big deal.  After all, soaking wet potatoes would have rotted but there would still be evidence that they had existed.  My 14-year-old son said, “Mom, did you plant any dirt seeds”?  Uh…my kids really need to learn where their food comes from!

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