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My Craft Room



We are finally getting done with the modifications on our home. We converted our garage into living space.  We will have space for 2 small bedrooms and a closet.  I will take one of the bedrooms for my craft room and move my daughter into the other room. The room my daughter is currently using is really an office.  My husband will have finally have his “man-cave” once we get rid of the pink and purple walls. The boys won’t be left out!  They will get new paint, flooring and closet doors in their rooms. Check out the pic of the sewing table I just bought.

I am so glad to get these extra rooms.  My home is small and there are 5 of us.  We planned on this being our starter home, but after the economy crashed it is now our forever home!  Plus we had a couple of floods and the people who did the restoration repairs did an awful job.  The floors in the boys’ rooms are peeling up, paint is flecking off, etc.  It is not true when they say they will restore it back to original.  We very much need these renovations done.  Plus, we’ve been here for 10 years and my house was a base house – built with the cheapest materials and much of it is falling apart.  Almost all the closet doors have fallen off, the kitchen cabinet doors are falling off, we’ve had to replace flooring 3 times, etc.  Ugh.  It is depressing when I think about it.  But now I see a light at the end of the tunnel!

sewing table
Sewing table. It folds up into a small cabinet. I can’t wait to use it!