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Welcome to my blog!  I am a 40-something year old wife and mom of 3 wonderful kids.  We make up the Five Holts!  I am also step-mother to a grown daughter and neighborhood “mom” to a few other kids.

This blog was sparked by my interest in health, wellness and providing a nurturing home for my children.  As a registered nurse, I am well aware of the effect that nutrition, or lack there-of, has on the body, mind and spirit.  My own body has been a bit of a science experiment.  After spending most of my life morbidly obese, I was able to get within a stone’s throw of a normal weight.  Then my weight began to creep back up again.  I kept a food journal on my phone and my calories remained a consistent 1400-1700/day.  I couldn’t see why my weight was increasing at alarming rate until I examined what I was eating, not just the number of calories.  My diet went from a protein, vegetable and some fruit diet to a simple carb overload diet.  Ugh!  I hadn’t eaten bread in almost 2 years, and as soon as I did my weight went up, up, up!  For a short while I tried a vegetarian, grain based diet and could literally see my abdomen getting larger every morning.  Plus I was starving all the time!

I will be documenting my attempt to get back to a normal weight and gaining terrific health for me and my family using Real Food.  Along the way you can also read my attempts to learn to do some of the womanly arts that I so far, have not attempted or mastered.  This includes sewing, crafts and gardening.  I hope you enjoy this blog.